At Rushes we teach KGHypnobirthing to our clients so that their births can be transformative! Calm, control and confidence during pregnancy and birth can be yours using our profound, yet simple to learn toolkit.

Our Hypnobirthing course teaches skills that enable you to listen to your body and your baby with the confidence to release any fears, trusting in your natural instincts.  A comprehensive and in-depth antenatal course teaches evidence based techniques which are effective in facilitating the right birth for you.

KGHypnobirthing is logical, simple, practical….and very effective; a complete ‘antenatal education package’ or ‘antenatal birth preparation course’ which changes and empowers both the mother and her birth partner, and has the most profound effect on the baby which will last a lifetime. It makes a difference to your experience of giving birth and gives you the tools to give your baby the best possible start in life.

Hypnosis was approved by the British Medical Association in 1955 as ‘an effective method of relieving pain in childbirth without altering the normal course of labour’. Therefore Hypnobirthing has been around for many years – but what makes KGHypnobirthing special and why do Rushes teach this method over others available in the UK?

The answer is simply that KGHypnobirthing works. The Rushes founder Janna Bickerdike has tried other methods but always returned to KG – ‘The Home of Hypnobirthing’, and her easy natural births following her previous csection demonstrate this. KGHypnobirthing is designed especially for UK mothers and the course is constantly evolving to keep up-to-date with the latest evidence and research.

A KGHypnobirthing course not only equips you with the Hypnobirthing information, but uniquely gives you the knowledge to understand your options and the implications of the choices you make. As well as teaching you the techniques you need for a successful Hypnobirth, it gives you the information required to navigate the system in which you find yourself to achieve the best outcome for you and your baby.

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Thank you so much for your valuable class; I had the most amazing birth, probably the best night of  my life!


I have been present at KGHypnobirthing births and seen how in control these women are, and also how the partners are a lot calmer and able to help, and what a difference it really does make to the start of parenthood for them


The thing about KGHypnobirthing is that it works