As a midwife I have always been incredibly frustrated by the lack of antenatal breastfeeding information provided to expectant mothers. I’m sure this could be hugely contributing to our low rates of breastfeeding at 10 days after birth.

Local Health Visitors agree that it is being underprepared for the realities of feeding that is letting down so many women. So many women clients plan to breastfeed but struggle within the first few days or weeks – don’t let this be you!

Imagine being able to have a more positive experience. Feeling clued up and prepared for your baby’s arrival. That is what I would like to bring to every one of you.

I strongly believe that each woman should be able to choose to feed their baby in whatever way suits her best. I also believe that women will make happier decisions if they are informed; armed with the knowledge, tools and techniques to make their breastfeeding journey happier and easier.

Therefore I am offering an outstanding antenatal workshop covering everything you need to know about feeding your baby.

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